Connect to your Ursa Mini Pro and Pocket Cinema Camera 4K right from your iPhone or iPad in one universal app.

Using the built-in Bluetooth in your camera, BMD Bluetooth Control+ gives you the ability to wirelessly control the following functions

  • Record Start/Stop
  • White Balance, including 5 helpful presets and Auto White Balance
  • Green/Magenta Tint
  • Off-speed frame rates
  • Aperture (for supported electronic lenses)
  • Shutter Angle
  • ISO
  • Active Card
  • Power On/Off
  • Enter metadata in the Digital Slate (including location data from your iPhone or iPad if you give permission)

And introducing Slate-Only Mode

As the name suggests, this feature locks the app into Slate-Only mode, without the ability to change critical camera settings or start/stop recording. This means you can let an assistant keep metadata up to date without the fear of interfering with important camera settings.